“What’s in a Game anyway?” – A LinkedIn Live Audio Event held on 14th April, 2023

This Friday, Harish Chengaiah, Nishant Patel and Rishi Alwani spoke with Abhishek Subbaiah on what they think about the various Indian laws and regulations around ‘Gaming’ doing the rounds recently over a LinkedIn Live Audio Event accessible here. Important topics like:

  • What’s the deal with the new ‘Online Gaming Rules’?
  • Is Gaming and Gambling the same thing to lawyers and policy makers?
  • Game of skill or chance? Why does it even matter?
  • Why are lawyers such a pain to deal with?
  • Where do eSports fit into all of this? and
  • What’s the smartest way forward?

Missed our interactive live session on Friday with Harish Chengaiah, Nishant Patel, Rishi Alwani and the whole lobby? We would love to see you there to be a part of the next one (details soon) but till then, links below to where you can listen to the session on the podcast platform of your choice:



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