The Bridge Legal Podcast: Part II

Some of you who’ve been following us from the beginning (which wasn’t too long ago) know that we’ve taken on putting out content with a very different approach, whether we’re talking about the articles, videos and famously, the podcasts.

With seven episodes out last year, the constant request was that we record and publish more episodes, and we’ve been listening to feedback and taking it all in to do what we do in a way that’s refreshingly different.

That’s all fine, but what’s new? Are we finally getting more episodes?

Well, that’s the plan, but we’re also trying to focus on the content itself as opposed to putting out a lot of it that may not be up to the mark. All it takes is a listen to one of the existing episodes to know that a lot of work goes into the substantive content itself, in addition to quality that one doesn’t usually get to see in this space since, well, it simply isn’t profitable for most firms (and there’s also the question of, “what’s the point?”, since it isn’t a ‘billable’).

Well, we do it because we like doing it and we do it whenever we get the time to do it, which should be a lot more frequent now since we’re actively focusing on making time for it.

Okay, but again, what exactly would be new?

Well, I’ve been looking to rope in my teammate Dhruv Jain into the podcast series to not only make use of the informative conversations we usually end up having but to also make the entire podcast more organic in terms of conversation flow – this is exactly what the new approach will be like, with a smooth flowing conversation between two Bridge Legal lawyers that’s not only going to be informative, but also fun for everyone, including us.

The original plan with respect to the Legally Abridged series was also to have the podcast and the videos complement each other, which is precisely what we are going to attempt to do going forward and on a more regular basis.

If we’re looking at the roadmap far down the line towards the end of the year, we’re also looking to put out videos with us in them as well, which should be a very, very crazy but interesting experience for all of us.

What about guests on the show?

Having guests on board is something we’re absolutely looking forward to since we’ve had the pleasure and honour of getting in touch with and knowing so many great and diverse professionals who could bring so much to the table in the form of their experiences.

More on this soon for certain!

Are we still taking feedback and new ideas?

Always. Absolutely, always; if you have any suggestions or ideas on what we can do better, or whether we can do something new differently that brings and adds value, please do let us know – Dhruv and I are also quite active on LinkedIn and it’s as easy as just dropping a DM for us to get started on.

We’re very excited to be doing this and hope that you’re looking forward to Episode VIII as well!